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Liquid detergent with white clay

1 single product for 3 actions: washes, perfumes, softens.


Zero phosphates, zero glycol ethers, zero phthalates and zero dyes

Made with raw materials of plant origin.

Lavandin natural fragrance based on essential oils.

Highly concentrated liquid detergent, only 75 mL for 5 kg of laundry.

Very effective on difficult stains at low temperatures.

Leaves a pleasant and fresh scent on the fibres.

Respects the colors and leaves no trace.

Ideal for sensitive skin.

Rapid dissolution for rapid penetration into the heart of the fibers

White clay liquid detergent is a liquid detergent suitable for washing all textiles, both for whites and colours.

It works “cold” and at low temperatures and provides excellent results thanks to its bio-detaching agents.

Over 98% of the total ingredients are of natural origin.

Thanks to its millefeuille structure, clay traps fatty substances. Thus, they dissociate more easily from the tissues.



CONCENTRATED detergent providing great autonomy.

Use 60 mL to 100 mL for a 6 kg machine, i.e. 10 g to 17 g per kilo of dry laundry.

lessive liquide à l'argile
clay-based detergent
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