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Cosmétiques naturels


Soaps made at low temperature

The tradition of saponification of olive oil in the Mediterranean basin dates back at least 5 centuries, with the production of Aleppo soap and then Marseille soap.

Soaps 100g

Also available on order in 20g, 25g, 150g and 300g

clay-based soap

Soap with Ventoux and Rassal clays

Soap enriched with a cocktail:

  • essential oils: Tea tree, Bergamot, Lemongrass and Listea Cubeba

  • vegetable oils: Olive and grapeseed

  • glycerine

  • of clays: Montmorillonite Ventoux green clay and Rassal clay


Yellow clay and honey soap

Soap enriched with olive oil, grape seed oil and organic vegetable glycerin.

Contains yellow clay

Contains honey*

* local producer

soap argile du soleil

Soap with essential oil of lavandin grosso

Soap enriched with grape seed oil and organic vegetable glycerin, lavandin grosso* flowers, scented with lavandin grosso* essential oil

* local organic producer

clay soap

Verbena soap

Soap enriched with vegetable oils: grape (seed) and sweet almond, verbena leaf powder,

scented with lemongrass, listea cubeba and lime essential oils.


White clay, citrus and tea tree donkey milk soap

Donkey's milk soap enriched with grape (seed) vegetable oil, scented with essential oils of lemon, grapefruit, sweet orange and tea tree.
Also contains: glycerin and white kaolin clay.

Donkey's milk is famous for its softening properties for the skin.

green soap

Pure olive soap and montmorillonite green clay

A refined soap that sticks to the essentials.
Olive Oil Soap captures the hidden secrets of nature as olive oil is renowned for its health benefits. It is therefore not surprising that since ancient times, olive oil has been used to make soap.
This gentle soap is ideal for cleansing the face and body. It is a perfect moisturizer for the skin.

Contains Montmorillonite Ventoux green clay.

green soap
green soap

300g hand molded soaps

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